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1)  A meeting was held as Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Punjab, A project is going to be started in 75 DB, Tehsil Yazman, Distt. Bahawalpur!

2)    SEED is going to sign an MOU with JINAH College, Bahawalpur!!!!!!
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Message from Members

  •   Only Education( Formal and Informal) can help country to cope poverty and unemployment. - Usman

  • Basic Health facilities are the basic human right for all people. - Aurangzaib

  • Career Planning can play a vital role to discourage unemployment rate in Pakistan. - Arslan Ansari

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President Message

Today, a developing world like Pakistan who is facing Economic problems of scarce resources, mass problem of Poverty and Unemployment, political Instability, Terrorism, Hunger, Clean Drinking Water and Disasters from Flood and Earthquake. Like Pakistan, many other developing nations also facing these issues and fighting against many other issues of Health, Hygiene, Education and Lack of Technical Skills to cope poverty. These issues are due to lack of resources at both levels, rural and urban. To make contribution to the society to cope these issues, an organization being established name, Society for Education and Economic Development (SEED) by the group of passionate volunteers with mutual objectives and work with full dedication and passion to Promote Social and Economic Development to achieve ultimate objective i.e. Economic Stability, Poverty Reduction, Access of Clean Drinking Water and Basic Health Facilities with prior objective of Education (Formal and Informal) and other factors that contribute in development process. To accomplished organizational objectives, a passionate team members are providing their utmost professional services to this organization.

"SEED is dedicated to serve the nation"

Arslan Afzal Ansari


SEED Organization

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Project Highlights -         Free Education & Vocational Training

Partner Organizations

  1. Jinnah College, Bahawalpur
  2. The Programmer Schools (Girls and Boys Branch-BWP)
  3. The Spirit School, (Yezman)
  4. Sublime Education Foundation
  5. Kidz School, Bahawalpur
  6. RAC (Rewenzori Action for Children)
  7. ZEE Enterprises


Latest from Partner Organizations


  • An initiative took by Jinnah College of Commerce Bahawalpur to offer free Career Counseling services, Pakistan.
  • Sublime Foundation has started Kidz School, Pakistan.
  • Free Education services for Community, an initiative by RAC Organization, UGANDA.
  • The Spirit School, Yezman is going to start free vocational and technical courses in Yezman by 2016.
  • The programmer schools has celebrated Iqbal day and arrange meetings with Parents and Teachers.