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SEED Organization is going to start its MITEC - Phase II - 22 DNB, TEHSIL Yazman, Distt. Bahawalpur.

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SEED (Society for Education and Economic Development) is working since 2008 under the same governing body in various situations and locations. The member of governing body of this organizations are being engaged in welfare activities of society in the field of education, health, vocational trainings, awareness programs, need base surveys, women empowerment etc. SEED is a Non Govermental / Non for Profit Organization, registered under Socities Act 1860 in 2013. All the governing member of this society is professionally strong enough in all aspect. SEED Organization has also a BOA (Board of Advisors) from all field e.g. Educationist, Doctors, Engineers, Social Workers, Business Community, Development Sector, local government and from Arm personnales are part of this organization. SEED is devoted to work to uplift the living standards of society by empowering people. The Idea of this society was generated by the Board of Governors to form a society to fulfill the desire objective of this society.

The main objective of this Organization (SEED) is mention here below:

1 - To promote and enhance the education level in the society to improve the literacy rate.

2 - To promote vocational trainings through mobile education in the remote area of Bahawalpur and Cholistan.

3 - Establishment of Schools, libraries and vocational centres in society to reduce poverty.

4 - To establish connections between local organization with international organization and arrange mobile units in urban area and remote to promote health and hygienic activities for healthy environment.

5 - Empowering Women and Child to cure socio problem of the society.

6 - To provide technical traingings to develop skills for their better source of income in the future.

7 - To arrange awareness training programs for Community Development.

8 - Awareness activities regarding water sanitation, cleaning water, seasonal diseases and health related activities.

9 - Enhance the living standard of the society, especially remote area of the Cholistan by improving the health activities.

10 - Arrange free medical camps for awareness and free medication.

11- To form a partnership with the International organizations by promoting membership and participating in international sponsored activities by the international organizations to promote the living standards in the society.

Vision Statement:

SEED is devoted to play a vital role in a society to attain the ultimate goals of this organization by improving literacy rate, basic health facilities and awareness about epidemic disease, developing and enhancing technical skills and optimum utilization of available resources to generate opportunities towards entrepreneurship to achieve the overall economic growth.

Mission Statement:

SEED is dedicated to serve the nation by delivering efficient services in the field of Education, Health, Vocational training, poverty elevation, community development, Human Rights, welfare of women and child to attain sustainable economic growth and ultimate aim to improve the living standard of individual in the society.