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1. 5 Days Free Training for tailoring and dress designing :

Society for Education and Economics Development (SEED) has organized five days free workshop for 6 girls belongs from very low family. They were trained by the professional Fashion Designer Miss Sunila Rashid at their own Home. SEED Organization bear the expense of their travelling for Six days. After successful completion of this workshop, student were able to tailored/stitched their own cloth either they can work professionally and earn some money to support their family financially. Some pictures of this workshop are displayed here below.

During Cutting And Designing! During The Lecture!
During Display of Student Work! During Stitching!

2. Three days awareness workshop to children of 6-BC Village, Bahawalpur on 'The importance of Education in life ' :

Society for Education and Economics Development (SEED) has organized three days free workshop for 8 children's of 6-BC Village, Bahawalpur. Aysha Akram, our volunteer member of this organization belongs to a very low family of 6-BC village, Bahawalpur and wished to promote her village as model village by delivering excellence services. She desires to help her village by promoting education level in her village. She arrange three days workshop for the little children of this village to generate awareness in the children. A workshop was arranged at her own home and supported by SEED organization as picture are also mentioned here below.

----------------------------Ayesha Akram

with little kids!----------------------------

3. Survey of Flood Area for estimating destruction due to heavy flood in UC Miran Pur, Tehsil: Rojhan, Dist: Rajanpur.

Mr Shezad Iqbal, Vice President of SEED (Society for Education and Economic Development) organization visited Flood affected area of UC Miran pur, TEH: Rojhan, Dist: Rajanpur. A survey has been conducted for estimating destruction due to Heavy Flood. Mr Shezad Iqbal met with people and let them realize that their self efforts that can make them again prosperous and strong. The destruction of Miran Pur estimated about more than 80%. They lost their shelters and other source of income. SEED is devoted to work for positive change in the society...

During Session with Community During Survey with Community Workers
During session with Community During Survey with Community Workers

4. Awareness Activity of Hygiene and hand Washing to prevent sever epidemic

Mr. Arslan Afzal Ansari, President SEED (Society for Education and Economic Development) organize the visit of the area of Lal Shuhanra- National Park and conduct an activity with Miss. Ayesha, Executive Member of SEED generate awreaness of hygiene and Hand Wash to prevent sever epidemic disease in rural area of Lal Shuhanra, National park, Bahawalpur. A Governing Body of SEED Organization has visited village of Lal Shuhanra (National Park) and conducted an awareness activity regarding Hygiene and Hand washing to prevent common epidemic disease in most of the rural areas.

Miss. Ayesha Akram, Executive Member SEED with children during activity.

As Epidemic diseases especially in rural area hitting small children and they are facing scars resources in term of medical facilities. A Survey has been conducted by the President Mr. Arslan Ansari along with Executive member Miss Zubaria iqbal, Miss Sunila Rashid, Miss Ayesha Akram, Mr. Atif and Mr Hassan Awan in village of Lal Shuhanra (National park) and found that people living in the village were affected by Stomach Diseases, Kidney problems, skin infections, bacterial and viral infections due to non availability of clean water and Hygiene conditions. It also has been found that the families living in surround of Lal Shuhanra (National Park) has no source of income except begging in parks and public places.. In interview of one of the family head she disclose the bitter fact that we do train our children for earning money through begging instead of that they send their children to school for even primary education just because we don't have any source of income. There is need to rise these kind of sever issues regarding basic rights ... is this really an offence of the children they born in their huts.......????

During Session with Children Hand Wash Activity at Lal Shuhanra
Activity of Hygiene& Sanitation Hand Wash Activity with Children

5. Education Awareness Activity organized by SEED governing body at Cholistan Desert, Near Ahmedpur East, Dist. Bahawalpur.

A formal body of SEED Organization visit Cholistan near Bahawalpur to promote education in the cite area of Fort Drawar. A team of SEED Organizations member has estimated the population of this area who is not even have their basic needs e.g. Clean Water, Proper Sanitation system, basic health facilities, education and lack of source of income. The members of this organization met with families to identify the needs and problems they are facing to educate their children. A Vice President Mr. Shezad, General Secretary Mr. Oranzaib and executive member Mr. Adnan Estimated that about 1500 people are not interested to send their Child to school for education. Families are not able to meet their basic needs. They are unable to send their child to schools. It is also concluded after question answer session with families that people of this area are working for feudal only for 1000 per month for 24 hours working.

During Session with Children
Hand Wash Activity with Children

6. A story captured in 22 DNB villages, Tehsil Yazman & Dist Bahawalpur.

A young Girls with her little younger brothers working in dung for the sake of just facilitating her family in the age of only “9”. Human Beings have been created with certain desires, ambitions and wishes. These Ambitions need a fertile soil to be sported, but what about these innocent kids whose eye shows spark. They are eager to do something but are deprived. This dusty place is their horizon and dung is their world. There is dust in the eyes of society which shapes them into that situation they are currently in. We need to draw the attention to the catastrophe of these poor helpless kids who are keeping an eye at the world for their survival.

Is this the offense of these kids that they have been born...??

7. Mobile IT Eduation Centre, One Month Project organized by SEED at Village of 06 BC, Bahawalpur where more than 20 Males and Females are getting training of IT & Computer Skills.

SEED (Society for Education and Economic Development) has conducted a baseline survey at 06 BC, Bahawalpur and found that people from the 06 BC, Bahawalpur has shown their interest to learn IT and computer skills. SEED has organized one month project as phase-I, students are getting education of computer, IT , Vocational Trainings e.g. Dry Art arrangement, basics of tailoring, basics of fashion designing etc. The project aim is to facilitate the villagers for learning, improving their skills, to discover the world, develop reading and learning habits, motivation for self sustainable development of their area.

Explaning about Computers!
Delivering Lecture!
Trainers of the Project!

8. Five Days International English Language Workshop with collaboration of RAC (Rewenzori Action for Children), Ugenda, South Africa.

SEED (Society for Education and Economic Development) has organized five days English Language and composition workshop in Ugenda, South Africa with Collaboration of RAC (Rewenzori Action for Childern) Ugenda, South Africa. An objective to arrange this workshop to learn basic computers and English language skills to open doors for the children to explore the world and can transform their ideas and life into a better situation. SEED and RAC are partners' organization as they have signed MOU to work in diverse and different culture. Some of the high lights are placed below:

---------------------------During Training


9. Baseline survey to start Mobile IT Education Centre- Phase II at 22 DNB, Tehsil Yazman, Distt Bahawalpur.

Governing body of SEED (Society for Education and Economic Development) organization visited 22 DNB, Tehsil Yazman and Distt. Bahawalpur. A meeting held at Mr. Khalid Hameed`s Deera. Mr. Khalid Offer his house to start this project for a month to enhance the IT skills and knowledge so villagers can fight against the computer illiteracy in his village.